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  • National Volunteers Week Logo (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations - https://volunteersweek.org/)
    Article: Jun 4, 2018
    By Zöe Franklin
    Did you know that it's National Volunteers Week 1st - 7th June?
    Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our society. The voluntary sector has always been really important - they help maintain the country's historic buildings, coach amateur sport, teach people new skills, run school fairs, staff charity shops plus everything in between and so much more!
  • Article: May 24, 2018

    I've been a school governor since 2010 - first at a Sure Start Children's Centre and currently at my sons' primary school. It is a challenging and rewarding role that I would encourage more people to take up. Throughout my time there have been difficult decisions to make regarding allocation of resources but since 2015 these decisions have become much harder.

  • Article: Jan 12, 2018

    Earlier this week as the nation waited for the results of Theresa May's much-discussed cabinet reshuffled excitement grew that our very own Anne Milton MP would be promoted Secretary of State for Health. At first sight one would have thought that appointing a former nurse to the role would have been a welcome appointment. But scratch the surface and sadly we find a track record that doesn't stack up for nurses and begs some serious questions. Perhaps this explains why May backed Jeremy Hunt in spite of his own multitude of failings.

  • Coins
    Article: Nov 25, 2017
    By Zöe Franklin

    As always happens following the budget, some of the top independent minds in the country set to work looking at its real impact. The budget behind the headlines, if you will. This budget is no different and yesterday two reports were published that lay bare the fact that in real terms the financial future for families and individuals is not as rosy as the picture painted by the Chancellor.

  • Article: Jun 29, 2017

    "The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members."

    Mahatma Ghandi

    The last 3 weeks should, I believe, be a wake-up call for our society and in particular politicians. Locally and nationally we have been confronted by some hard hitting truths about how we are failing the poorest in our communities.

  • Article: Jun 14, 2017
    By Zoe Franklin

    I was very pleased yesterday to receive a response from Anne Milton MP to my open letter regarding the Conservative alliance with the DUP. Many have asked me to let them know what reply I received - I am therefore including it below.

    I am glad that Anne Milton has given assurances "that there will be no compromises on any of the key issues of LGBTQ and equality, women's rights or climate change and environmental policy". However I remain very concerned at the cost (financial and otherwise) to our nation of the Conservatives 'confidence and supply' arrangement with the DUP, in particular the potential damage it could cause to the Northern Ireland peace process. Like many others I will be watching as the coming months unfold and remain committed to speaking out on behalf of Guildford and Cranleigh's residents on this, and other, issues.

  • Article: May 19, 2017
    By Zöe Franklin

    After dropping our children off at school yesterday (Thursday 18th May) I listened to the Today programme and found myself shouting at the radio as the subject of the Conservative manifesto was discussed. However, my anger turned to fury as the presenter outlined Tory plans for social care.

    If I look back five years, I didn't have a clue about social care, it was something that happened to other people and would eventually happen to me but was a long way off. However, that all changed in summer 2012 when my grandfather fell and ended up in hospital. He was discharged after a while with a limited care at home package organised by social services. After this six-week period we had to fight to to get the information needed in order to organise continued care. It began to emerge that all was not well with my grandmother's health and within a year we found ourselves in the sad position of both grandparents being admitted to hospital within 24 hours of each other; it becoming clearly apparent that they would not be able to return home.

  • Surrey Logo
    Article: Feb 7, 2017
    By Zöe Franklin

    Today (Tuesday 7th February) we heard the news that the proposed 15% council tax rise has been scrapped.

    This happened dramatically at the Surrey County Council budget meeting today where the Conservatives u-turned on their proposal to hold a referendum on increasing council tax by 15% after more than 3,000 people signed a Liberal Democrat petition against the increase. Instead council tax will be increased by 4.99%.

  • Zoe Franklin standing on Guildford High Street
    Article: Jan 24, 2017

    This morning, the supreme court voted overwhelming that Parliament must be consulted before Article 50 can be invoked by the Government, giving all MPs the opportunity to vote on the triggering of Article 50.

    Zöe Franklin, Guildford's Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, has welcomed the news, saying: "Finally we have some clarity over what happens next in the Brexit process. The Conservative government have been trying to force on us a hard Brexit which will take us out of the single market, risking thousands of jobs and crucial funding streams, and was not what people believed they were voting for on June 23rd. In the case of Guildford and Cranleigh, where our community voted 56% favour of remaining in the EU, it is especially clear that Brexit, let alone a Hard Brexit, is not what residents want."

  • Article: Dec 8, 2016
    By Zöe Franklin

    The result of last Thursday's Richmond Park by-election, which saw the incumbent Zac Goldsmith outsted by Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney, was an incredible result for the Party. It was also a clear message to the Conservative government.

    Voters are not fools - Goldsmith may have resigned from the Conservative government and stood as an independent but residents could see that he was far from it. Credit to Goldsmith for resigning because the government had approved a third runway at Heathrow - he kept his 2015 election promise to voters. However, the fact that the Conservatives did not stand a candidate to oppose him and many well-known Conservative supporters and MPs were spotted not-so-secretly campaigning made it clear that voting for him would have been a vote for another Conservative voice in everything but name.