The theme of 'modal shift' is a priority in the plans for the Town Centre Master Plan, the North Street redevelopment and the Local Plan. But it's a very, very slow process. The long term plan is to make cycling safer and more user friendly. GBC has received some funding for improving our transport problems, and Surrey County Council is gradually improving and/or installing dedicated cycle routes in the town centre. The long term plan is for a sustainable corridor for cyclist, pedestrians and public transport between the Research Park and Spectrum, then eventually to the Gosden Hill development in Merrow.

All new development must provide cycle storage and new strategic sites will all have dedicated cycle ways, the difficult part is the town centre congestion and the narrow roads everywhere. As a cyclist you will know how dreadful the road surfaces are, especially at the kerb edge, and this is entirely Surrey County Council's responsibility. Unfortunately the Highways budgets are being drastically cut, and improvements will be slow.

There are plans for an electric bike club which are gradually moving forward. This may be more appealing for the reluctant cyclists, and those daunted by the hills in Guildford. There have been increase in the provision of safe storage for bikes around the town and at public venues, and the fact that these are well used shows that the number of cyclists is increasing.