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Guildford Liberal Democrats

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24 years of Conservative leadership at Surrey County Council has cost the residents, charities and businesses of Surrey dearly. Our communities can't afford another four years. The Liberal Democrats are offering a fresh start for Surrey. We have a clear plan to create a greener, more community-focused, caring and competent council.

To make the Conservative waste and incompetence stop all it takes is for you to vote for your local Liberal Democrat candidate on Thursday 6th May.

See below for more on our plan for Surrey County Council.

For more about our candidates for the election click here.

A greener council

  • We will take urgent action to get to carbon neutral by 2030, in joint plans with local councils.
  • We will ensure public buildings are efficient and where possible generate their own electricity.
  • We will invest in better and more usable cycle provision, public transport and electric vehicle charging points.
  • We will curb investment in fossil fuels.
  • We will bolster local flood prevention and hold drainage and sewage bodies to account.
Sapling in person's hand (Photo by Akil Mazumder from Pexels)

a more community-focused council

Surrey Fire and Rescue

  • We will rebuild youth services, especially in left-behind areas.
  • We will empower communities to take decisions closer to home.
  • We will ensure libraries become all-round community hubs supporting the community and learning from Covid relief programmes.
  • We will ensure community spaces, under local management, support the most vulnerable.
  • We will invest in our fire service and reverse the cuts the Conservatives have made to ensure the county has adequate fire engine and staff cover.
  • We will invest in road safety measures in light of local needs.

A more caring council

  • We will ensure families don't have to fight for their entitlements. We will support children with special needs and their families by investing in SEND provision closer to home.
  • We will invest properly in school places local to residents and refurbish existing school buildings to bring them up to the required standards.
  • We will take adult social care back in-house where required, to provide an equitable and safe provision for the elderly, while still pressing central government to provide a fully funded national solution.
  • We will ensure Children's services are the best they can be and vulnerable families and their children are safe and well cared for.

a more competent council

County Hall
  • We will ensure SCC secures a reputation for being effective; we will cut back-office costs and high salaries to ensure value for money and to pay for new services
  • We will ensure competent contract management and enforcement so services are quality assured the first time, potholes remain filled, verges cut at the right time, responses to emergencies are timely and effective.
  • We will work with communities to ensure efficiency, not duplication.