Liz Hogger

Liz Hogger has a reputation for working hard and getting things done for Effingham.

Liz was first elected as Effingham's Borough Councillor in 1999. She and her family have lived in Effingham for more than 35 years, and her two sons attended the Howard of Effingham School. She has been a member of Effingham Parish Council since 1995, and is a long-term committee member of Effingham Residents Association.

As an experienced member of the Borough Council's Planning Committee, Liz works hard to make sure planning decisions respect local planning policy for our area, especially the recently-adopted Effingham Neighbourhood Plan. Liz aims to ensure everyone gets treated fairly by the planning system.

Putting aside her disappointment that the Berkeley Homes / Howard School planning appeal was allowed, Liz co-ordinates a Liaison Group of local people, meeting with the developers to try and get the best outcome for Effingham from the final plans. She is also pleased to have played a part in making village roads safer by the introduction of lower speed limits.

Now retired, Liz's working life included 9 years as a research scientist and over 20 years as a lecturer in computer science at London University. When not involved in council work, Liz's interests include walking, photography, local history and spending time with her family and three young grandchildren.

Liz says "Effingham residents have suffered from Tory planning chaos, and we're paying higher council tax for reduced services. The Lib Dems demand better. We want a council that listens to our communities."


Tel: 01372 453257