Fiona White

Fiona White is the Liberal Democrat borough councillor for Westborough ward and county council councillor for Guildford West division.

Fiona White has been the County Councillor for Guildford West since 2005. In that time, she has been very involved in local organisations such as the Park Barn & Westborough Community Association and The Barn Youth Project. She has also joined the management committee of the CHIPS Play Scheme charity.

As well as her membership of those groups, Fiona has taken part in meetings between residents' representatives and Surrey University to discuss various issues between them. She has also maintained links with the Students' Union at the University.

When Fiona was elected to the County Council in 2005, there were road issues all the way across the division. Since that time, Fiona has campaigned for improvements and has succeeded in getting Rydes Hill Road, Aldershot Road, Southway, Park Barn Drive and Cabell Road improved through major maintenance schemes. There are still a lot of roads needing improvement and Fiona is pledged to keep working until they are done.

It is a major part of a councillor's role to listen to and work with local people on issues which are important to them. Fiona has worked with local residents campaigning for an upgrade of the zebra crossing outside St Josephs School on Aldershot Road, the rebuilding of Cabell Road and, most recently, for Byrefield Road to be reinstated on the Project Horizon Scheme. She has attended a residents' meeting with Arriva bus company and is liaising with the bus company to find a solution to buses passing one another in the road.

Along with other Liberal Democrat councillors, Fiona has worked to remove the Aldershot Road allotments from the borough council's list of housing sites ensuring there will be more plots for people who want to grow their own produce.

Fiona has taken part in Project Aspire and has supported their activities, including the event at Bannisters Field last September. She has also supported a number of smaller local groups who do so much for our community, including 4getMeNots, the men's group at St Francis Church and the Thursday Club.

At County Hall, Fiona is the Liberal Democrat spokesperson on social care issues. She has lived in Guildford Borough since 1981. She is a mother and grandmother.

Fiona has campaigned with local groups on road safety issues and is working with Borough Councillor Julia McShane to make sure that there are better facilities for young people in the community and for improvements in health care.

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