Our Executive Committee

These are the key officers of our local party executive.

  • Chair: Catherine Houston
  • Vice-Chair: Ciaran Doran
  • Secretary: Stephen Mallet
  • Membership Officer: Miranda Hoegen
  • Treasurer: Sean Packman
  • Data Officer: Chris Franklin

To contact our memberships officer, please email - membership@guildfordlibdems.org.uk

To contact any of the executive team, please email - office@guildfordlibdems.org.uk

Honorary President: Margaret Sharp

Guildford Borough Council Representative: Caroline Reeves

Surrey County Council Representative: Fiona White

To get in touch with any executive member whose contact details aren't listed here, please contact our office.

Any media enquiries should be directed either to our Chair, or on matters relating to Guildford Borough Council or Surrey County Council, to the respective Lib Dem Group leaders whose contact details can be found on the borough council website and the county council website respectively.