Demand Better on the Environment

Guildford is blessed with beautiful countryside, rich heritage and some outstanding parks. But at the same time our borough also suffers from high air pollution, a largely neglected riverfront and many areas of unappealing pedestrian routes and under-used greenspaces. Meanwhile the urgent threat of climate change requires local, as well as national, action.

The Liberal Democrats demand better. We have a plan to protect and enhance our environment, to improve air quality and to take action on climate change.

We will:

  • Protect, and work to improve, existing parks, green spaces and wildlife habitats
  • Take urgent action to monitor and reduce air pollution, including incentivising electric cars and making alternatives to the car more viable
  • Make Guildford a plastic-free borough by stopping the unnecessary use of single-use plastics
  • Keep the current fortnightly bin collections and work to increase recycling rates and the types of materials reyclable
  • Scrap the Tory Tip Tax to allow households to dispose of DIY waste free of charge, reducing fly-tipping
  • Require community energy schemes in new developments to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions
  • Draw up a roadmap to the ultimate goal of making Guildford a carbon-neutral borough
  • Lobby Surrey County Council to scrap parking charges at beauty spots like Newlands Corner to ensure that the countryside is accessible to all

March 2019