Effingham is a part of Guildford Borough, but Mole Valley constituency. If you are looking for more information on Mole Valley, then you can visit their website by clicking here.

Councillor Liz Hogger

Liz HoggerLiz was first elected as Effingham's Borough Councillor in 1999. She and her family have lived in Effingham for more than 35 years, and her two sons attended the Howard of Effingham School. She has been a member of Effingham Parish Council since 1995, and is a long-term committee member of Effingham Residents Association.

Now retired, Liz's working life included 9 years as a research scientist at the Central Electricity Research Laboratories in Leatherhead, and over 20 years as a lecturer in computer science at London University.

When not involved in council work, Liz's interests include walking, photography, researching for Effingham's Local History Group and spending time with her family and young grandson.

Planning is Liz's principal interest on the borough council. She is a member of the Borough Council's Planning Committee, and takes a close interest in planning policy, especially the emerging Local Plan. Liz is determined to protect our Green Belt and the character of our villages, and believes the Local Plan must find the balance to allow us to do that whilst still providing the affordable homes that local families urgently need.

Liz became involved in local politics to give people a say in the issues that affect their lives. She is working with the Parish Council and volunteers to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for Effingham, in consultation with local residents, to help shape the future of the village. She is pleased to have played a part in making village roads safer by the introduction of lower speed limits, though the challenge now is to get them enforced! Liz welcomes the three Housing Association developments in Effingham in recent years, and wants any future housing development in the village to include more affordable homes for young people and families.