Angela Goodwin

Angela Goodwin

Angela Goodwin is the Liberal Democrat borough councillor for Friary & St Nicolas ward and county council councillor for Onslow and Friary & St Nicolas (Guildford South West division).

Angela Goodwin has lived in Guildford Town Centre for 23 years and was elected as Borough Councillor for Friary & St Nicolas in May 2015, and a Surrey County Councillor for Guildford North (Stoughton and Stoke) in 2017.

"I am keen to continue using my skills and experience in our community. I am particularly interested in affordable housing, accessibility issues (I'm a member of GBC's Access Group), social care, special educational needs and Carers. I have an insight and understanding as to how important it is for people to get the right help and support to remain in their community," says Angela.

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