Angela Richardson MP votes in Parliament to keep Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

July 19, 2022 9:52 AM

AR backs BorisThe local Conservative MP for Guildford has been criticised for backing Boris Johnson to remain as Prime Minister.

In Parliament last night, Angela Richardson voted in favour of a motion of confidence in the Government. Had the motion been defeated, Boris Johnson would have been removed as Prime Minister, but the Conservative MP and 339 of her colleagues decided to keep him in Downing Street despite all other opposition parties (apart from the DUP) calling for Johnson to resign immediately.

Zöe Franklin, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Guildford has demanded the removal of the "Zombie Government", which will see Boris Johnson running the country when the new energy price cap is announced next month. Whilst Boris Johnson remains in Downing Street, the energy regulator is expected to announce heating and electricity bills could rise to over £3,000 a year.

Zöe Franklin, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Guildford said:

"Once again Angela Richardson has proven that she is completely out of touch with local people.

"People tell me they are sick and tired of a Conservative Government which has failed to help them with spiralling energy bills and left local NHS waiting lists reaching record levels. That they are sick and tired of being ignored and taken for granted.

"We need change but Richardson is propping up a lying and law-breaking Prime Minister. Boris Johnson is clearly not fit to govern this country, but ultimately the blame lies with Conservative MPs for keeping him in Downing Street.

"My biggest concern is the looming energy price rise which is going to hit our area hard. Sadly we have a Zombie Government until September now when it will be too late to save people from frightening heating bills.

"At the next election, everyone already knows that it will be a straight fight between a Boris Johnson supporter and a new Liberal Democrat MP. I say let's get on with it, let's have that General Election that the majority want and let the people have their say on this absolute shambles the Conservatives have left us in."