PRESS RELEASE: The Conservative party has once again chosen to protect one of their own instead of doing the right thing.

June 8, 2022 7:00 AM

Guildford Liberal Democrats
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The Guildford Liberal Democrats have expressed their disappointment at the result of the vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson and welcome the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Motion of No Confidence.

Boris Johnson survived the vote 211-148 in favour of him maintaining his position as leader of the Conservative party and the UK Prime Minister.

A large proportion of Conservative MPs showed they want Johnson gone, but it was not enough. More than 200 Conservative MPs voted in favour of keeping Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, meaning he will be safe in his position despite breaking the law and lying about it to the British people and to Parliament.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Guildford and Cranleigh, Zöe Franklin, said:

"When so many people across Guildford, Cranleigh and our villages are suffering from spiralling bills and a cost of living emergency, we can't have a Prime Minister just focussed on saving his own skin.

We have had months and months of gaslighting, lies, law-breaking and being told to simply "move on". How can we move on when we have a Prime Minister who is not fit to lead? Mr Johnson has become nothing more than an ever-present distraction with no moral authority.

We are being made a laughing stock around the world, and Boris Johnson and his supporters are making a mockery of the positions they hold. This week alone, we have seen resignations and senior Conservatives saying they cannot support someone who goes against the Nolan Principles, the framework for the expected behaviour of someone in public office."

"I welcome the news that the Liberal Democrats are tabling a Motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister so that Parliament has the opportunity to finally put an end to this sorry mess and kick him out of Downing Street. Every Conservative MP with a shred of decency must back our motion and finally give Johnson the sack.

"Boris Johnson might have a slim majority among Conservative MPs, but it is clear that the British public no longer hold confidence in him. MPs from all parties must have the chance to make that clear and do what is right for the country, not what is best for one man."


The draft text of the motion is as follows.

No confidence in the Prime Minister

That this House has no confidence in the Prime Minister because he has broken the Covid lockdown laws his Government introduced, misled Parliament and the public about it, and failed to take action to support millions of families in the midst of a cost of living emergency.