PRESS RELEASE: Sewage stats: The sewage scandal continues

March 30, 2022 5:13 PM

372534 Sewages Dumps

Responding to new data released yesterday showing that sewage was dumped into rivers across Guildford constituency 115 times for a total of 898 hours, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Guildford, Cranleigh and our villages Zöe Franklin said:

"It is disgusting that sewage has been allowed to flow into our local watercourses for nearly 900 hours in 2021. These are our rivers and streams where people paddle and kayak, walk alongside and allow our beloved dogs to swim.

"Of course, this is being repeated across the country with sewage dumped into rivers over 370,000 times last year. It is a national scandal.

"The Government is letting water companies get away with polluting our rivers and poisoning animals for decades to come. Now the public is expected to foot the bill for cleaning up this mess despite water companies raking in multi-billion pound profits.

"Why aren't Government ministers listening to the public's understandable outrage about this?

"The Government needs to get tough on water companies, including local provider Thames Water, to end this disgraceful practice. A Sewage Tax should also be introduced to make water companies pay for cleaning up our rivers."


Notes to Editors

  • Stats released this morning from Environment Agency here
  • Government Minister interview in Daily Telegraph details water bills will rise to pay for sewage clean up and sewage dumps won't be reduced until 2050