Standing by your principles, until you can get your job back. 

November 4, 2021 6:37 PM

Guildford Liberal Democrats
Contact: Zöe Franklin
EMBARGO: Immediate

Following the passing of the Leadsom Amendment in Westminster yesterday, which saw Conservative MPs put protecting one of their own above upholding the democracy of our country, Guildford's MP claimed to have abstained as 'a matter of principle' and was willing to lose her job in the Government to uphold them. Just 16 hours later those principles seem less important than a job in government.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Zöe Franklin said:

"Abstaining in a vote to get another Tory MP off the hook for engaging in paid lobbying and breaking parliamentary standards rules is not a 'principled stand'. Instead it is very much 'trying to avoid getting in trouble' by sitting on your hands in the hope that you'll get to keep your job and avoid angering constituents. And, frankly, trying to convince Guildford and Villages constituents that an abstention was a principled approach is simply insulting."

She continues, "If Angela Richardson wanted to take a principled stance she should have voted against as a handful of other, more honourable, Conservative MPs did. Certainly, giving up your PPS role with a fanfare and then gladly accepting a reinstatement in the space of 16 hours is not the act of an honourable person putting constituents ahead of personal advancement."

Not only did we see the Conservatives showing utter disregard for the rules that hold them to account, we have MPs claiming they are putting their own ambitions aside for the good of the country, only to accept a position in the government whose actions they claim to so fundamentally disagree with.

The voters will not be fooled so easily, but it should not take public outrage to make the government do the right thing. We look forward to seeing more of these 'principles' in action in the emergency debate, secured today by the Liberal Democrats, on Monday in the House of Commons.


Angela Richardson MP's tweet yesterday on losing government job as "matter of principle":

Angela Richardson MP's tweet today on re-joining the government: