Guildford Liberal Democrats celebrate Surrey County Council results

May 10, 2021 10:48 AM

Guildford's successful cllrs 2021Guildford Liberal Democrats are delighted to have held our three county council seats in Guildford North, Guildford South West and Guildford West. We want to thank the residents who voted for our candidates Julia McShane (Guildford North), Angela Goodwin (Guildford South West) and Fiona White (Guildford West) and all of the people who worked so hard to help them in their campaign.

Alongside holding the three seats we are also delighted to have gained Ash with Carla Morson, Guildford East with George Potter and Cranleigh & Ewhurst division with Liz Townsend, which while in Waverley Borough Council, is part of Guildford Constituency and is very much part of Guildford Lib Dems.

It is clear that our councillors' clear commitment to residents and our message of working together with communities to ensure a green, community-focused, caring and competent Surrey County Council really hit home. All our councillors are local residents who care deeply about the communities they serve and will work hard for every resident, regardless of how they vote in the election.

This desire for urgent change from residents is further shown by wins of our coalition partners on Guildford Borough Council, Residents for Guildford and Villages, who also won 2 seats leaving the Conservatives with just 3 seats (previously 7).

The Guildford Lib Dem team is also celebrating holding the Friary & St Nicolas borough councillor seat. After local resident and Lib Dem Cait Taylor won, she reiterated her campaign promise to voters to take up the mantle of retiring councillor Caroline Reeves and be a hardworking, motivated and dedicated councillor for them at Guildford Borough Council.

Alongside celebrating today's results, we would like to thank David Goodwin who is stepping down from Surrey County Council and Caroline Reeves who is stepping down from Guildford Borough Council, who are both stepping down after many years as councillors.

Lib Dems Win 2021 - 7 win graphics

10th May 2021