Guildford Liberal Democrats oppose Cranleigh fracking plans

September 13, 2020 10:27 AM
By Paul Ross

Di Keal anti-fracking (Di Keal)The Liberal Democrat's policy on Climate Change is crystal clear. We will invest heavily in research & development, especially in carbon removal / negative emissions. Our goal is to reverse the damage that centuries of burning fossil fuels have caused. Achieving this will requires activism at all levels, from those in Westminster to local party members & activists. Fracking is a backwards step in terms of environmental sustainability. At best it's pushing the energy problem down the road, for others to deal with. At worst it's an environmental catastrophe.

The planning application for a fracking site in Dunsfold was rightfully refused by Surrey County Council. We are alarmed that this has been ruled "invalid" and the decision is going back to council in September. The reasons for this are wholly unsatisfactory and come from the fact SCC had technical difficulties on the day with respect to holding an online meeting. This is despite the fact that many other businesses across the county have managed to transform into "Work From Home" enterprises and are regularly holding conference calls without hitch.

We would call on Surrey County Council to listen to the people they represent and to again refuse this application. The application can be found here