PRESS RELEASE: Lib Dems launch campaign to Make Grades Fair

August 15, 2020 1:53 PM

The Liberal Democrats have slammed the Government in the wake of outcry and heartache at this year's botched grades outcome and have launched an emergency campaign to make grades fair for all pupils.

Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson Layla Moran, who is asking the public to join her campaign, warned the futures of young people must not be "robbed by this Conservative Government's incompetence" and has called for the Education Secretary to resign.

Despite warnings, analysis has shown that pupils from the most disadvantaged background were disproportionately downgraded. Across England, 36% of entries had grades lower than their teachers predicted and 3% were down two grades.

The Liberal Democrats have said they will do all they can to support pupils in the fight to ensure young people get the fair grades and urged local MP Angela Richardson to lobby the Government to ensure young people are given:

  • Free appeals - to make it easy for every child to appeal grades they think are wrong.
  • The chance to give evidence of their progress - so they can be judged on their work, not their school.
  • Clear guidance on re-sits - so everyone knows what choices they have to fix this mess.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Guildford, Cranleigh and our Villages Zöe Franklin said:

"So many young people have worked so hard to not get the results they deserve, through no fault of their own. This will understandably have brought anxiety, disappointment and worry about what happens next.

"Pupils must have the chance to appeal their grades directly and to present evidence that reflects their performance and progress at no cost. Ministers must also provide clear guidance on how re-sits will work and encourage universities to be flexible where necessary."

Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson Layla Moran:

"The shambolic handling of these results has left many young people in crisis. Despite the warning signs, the Education Secretary ignored teachers' advice and has hit pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds hardest.

"Gavin Williamson is an Education Secretary out of his depth and out of excuses. He must take responsibility for his mistakes and step down with immediate effect. Our young people cannot afford to have their futures robbed by this Conservative Government's incompetence."


Notes to editors:

The Liberal Democrats are urging people to support their campaign here:

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