Guildford Lib Dems welcome re-opening of Playgrounds and Outdoor Gyms across Guildford Borough

July 3, 2020 4:31 PM

With the country slowly emerging from lockdown, news that Guildford Borough Council is to re-open its 66 playgrounds and outdoor gyms from Saturday 4th July has been welcomed by Guildford Liberal Democrats.

Guildford Borough Council's Play Safe Guidelines

GBC's Play Safe Guidelines

The Council announced the news on Friday asking families using the areas to 'Play Safe' and follow the Council's guidelines based on the government's Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance.

Parliamentary Spokesperson for Guildford, Cranleigh and our Villages Zöe Franklin responded to the news saying:

"It's so good to hear that children and families will once again be able to enjoy the council's fantastic playgrounds across Guildford borough. While many have been able to enjoy time in their garden or local park, there is nothing like playing on a swing, slide or roundabout! I want to say thank you to the Guildford Borough Council team for enabling these facilities to be opened up and encourage everyone who is using them to follow the council's 'Play Safe' guidance."

The 'Play Safe' guidance is on signs in all of the playgrounds and outdoor gym areas and is a special acrostic written by GBC's staff which is easy to remember and promotes social distancing and hygiene standards. The Council is asking all visitors to bring their own hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes and to wash their hands before and after using the play area or outdoor gym as the Council cannot disinfect equipment.

Lib Dem Councillor for Westborough and Lead Councillor for the Environment, Cllr James Steel also commented on the news:

"We are so pleased to welcome our borough's children back to their playgrounds. The lockdown has been so difficult for so many but for this age group in particular. Our outdoor gyms will also be opening tomorrow, and we know many of you will be keen to use these again. While it is fantastic news that we are able to slowly move towards greater freedoms, please do continue to follow the guidelines and be cautious. If the playground or equipment looks busy, go home and come back later. We have to ensure that only a certain amount of families are able to use the area at any one time. We want to ensure that they can remain open for everybody to enjoy throughout the summer."

He added:

"Please remember to 'Play Safe', clean your children's hands and the equipment, especially handles and chains on swings that are touched. Our Parks staff will be visiting our play areas, please do say hello and do as they ask if areas become overcrowded."

So, enjoy your time in the playgrounds and outdoor gyms but please do remember

  • You should not use any play area if you have Coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms or have been in contact with anybody who has.
  • Please ensure those with a disability are given priority
  • Ensure children don't put their mouths on equipment, or their hands in their mouth.

And finally, please don't eat food in the play area and please put litter in the bin or take it home.

Westnye Gardens

Westnye Gardens Playground