Press Release: Guildford council leader announces plan to 'start again' with Chantry Wood campsite

November 26, 2019 6:24 PM
Chantry Wood campsite

Chantry Wood campsite

At tonight's (26/11/2019) Executive meeting of Guildford Borough Council, council leader Cllr Caroline Reeves will make the following leaders' announcement:
"After talking with Pauline Searle, the lead councillor for Countryside and Rural Life, and Peter O'Connell, Director of Environment, we have agreed to consider all the responses to the public consultation for Chantry Wood campsite.
"We will then stop the process, review the situation and start again to find a way of assessing the feasibility of what different residents and groups actually want."
This follows a number of concerns raised by residents over the decision based on an item brought to an Executive meeting during the previous administration.
Cllr Pauline Searle commented:
"It appears that there has been disquiet over the consultation and a number of people have been in touch to say the options provided are not what the community wants. By starting the process again we can try to resolve these problems."