Liberal Democrats win best ever European Election Result

May 28, 2019 9:52 AM

The Liberal Democrats have won their best ever European Election result in the party's history, winning 16 MEPs and taking second place in the national vote share.

In Guildford and in Waverley the Liberal Democrats were even more successful, topping the polls with 36% and 35% respectively. The Brexit party gained 29% of the vote and Labour and the Conservatives were left trailing with just 15% between them. Labour were beaten into 6th place by Change UK. The Lib Dems also got more votes across Surrey as a whole than any other party.

"Having run an unambiguous campaign to 'Stop Brexit' the Liberal Democrats have made huge gains across the country - a resounding endorsement of our clear message," said Zöe Franklin, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Guildford Liberal Democrats, "It hasn't just been habitual Lib Dem voters who turned out for us. Supporters of all parties voted for us because they reject the Government's obsession of delivering Brexit at any cost and because they want a People's Vote on the deal and they want to stop Brexit. It was telling that the combination of all pro-Remain parties in Guildford shows an incredible 55% of the vote compared to 30% for pro-Brexit parties.

I thank everyone who voted for the Liberal Democrats and every Remain party locally. The Liberal Democrats and I will continue to stand up for you by fighting to stop Brexit and remain as part of the EU."

Guildford's results can be seen here: