Lib Dems bring change to Guildford council with new cross-party executive

May 20, 2019 2:07 PM

Caroline Reeves

The borough's new Lib Dem Council Leader has brought real change to Guildford Borough Council with the announcement of her new, cross-party executive which includes the leaders of the R4GV and GGG parties.

The Selection Council meeting of 15th May saw Liberal Democrat Cllr Caroline Reeves elected as Leader of Guildford Borough Council, and today Cllr Reeves announces her new Executive.

On 2nd May voters across the country emphatically rejected the Conservatives and made clear that they want a different type of politics. As promised at the Selection meeting, the Lib Dem-led administration announced today will be inclusive and constructive, with cross-party representation, bringing the real change that people voted for.

Explaining the principles that will guide her leadership of the Council, Cllr Reeves said:

"We have a tremendous breadth of diverse communities across the borough and we will strive to be inclusive and supportive for everyone whatever their background. It is the people who live and work in Guildford borough, quietly living their everyday lives, who need to be heard."

The new Executive, comprising ten Lead Councillors and one non-voting Deputy Lead Councillor, contains a mix of experience and new blood, ranging from the borough's youngest councillor to a former council leader.

The Executive includes the leader of the Guildford Greenbelt Group (GGG) and the leader of Residents for Guildford and Villages (R4GV) with an R4GV deputy leader in a supporting role, ensuring that the new administration will be politically diverse and truly representative.

"As Liberal Democrats we believe in openness and co-operation and that is what we intend to deliver with this Liberal Democrat-led administration." said Cllr Reeves, "Our residents expect and need partnership working and our administration will be an inclusive and constructive one in which we hope to move on from adversarial and combative local politics."

The Lead Councillors and portfolios in the new Executive are:

  • Cllr Caroline Reeves, Council Leader: Sustainable Transport, Transformation & Regeneration, Economic Development, Governance
  • Cllr Fiona White, Deputy Council Leader: Safeguarding, Inclusion, Public Safety, Community Safety, Vulnerable Families
  • Cllr Julia McShane: Health & Wellbeing, the Voluntary Sector, Grants Panel, Play strategy, Project Aspire
  • Cllr Angela Goodwin: Housing (social and affordable), Homelessness, Access and Disability
  • Cllr Jan Harwood: Planning, Planning Policy, Housing Delivery through planning
  • Cllr Pauline Searle: Arts, Parks and Countryside
  • Cllr James Steel: Leisure, Heritage, Tourism
  • Cllr David Goodwin: Licensing, Parking, Refuse, Recycling
  • Cllr Joss Bigmore (R4GV): Finance and Customer Service
  • Cllr Susan Parker (GGG): Environment and Rural Strategy
  • Cllr John Rigg (R4GV): Holds a supporting role (without voting rights) as Deputy Lead Councillor on Sustainable Transport, Transformation & Regeneration, Business Development.