Liberal Democrats take control of Guildford Borough Council

May 16, 2019 5:22 PM

GBC Candidates 2019

Following their local election success, the Liberal Democrats have won the leadership of Guildford Borough Council at the Selection Council Meeting on Wednesday 15th May 2019.

On May 2nd people across Guildford Borough voted for change by removing 25 Conservative Councillors from office and electing 17 Lib Dem Councillors and 15 Residents for Guildford and Villages Councillors. The Lib Dems are now the largest Group on Guildford Council.

Newly elected leader Cllr Caroline Reeves said:

"I want to say thank you to the voters of Guildford for all your support. This was a historic election as Guildford has been run by Conservatives since 2003. Yet they have been reduced to just 9 Councillors. The voters of Guildford and the Villages have placed faith in the Lib Dems, and we will not let them down. The Lib Dems and I will demand better from Guildford Council."

"Voters have clearly said they want change and as a Lib Dem Council we will give them that. We are looking forward to working with colleagues from across all parties for the benefit of Guildford Borough and will be reaching out to form a more politically diverse executive to deliver a new type of politics here in Guildford.

"Our top priorities as we begin our leadership of Guildford Borough Council will be to review the Local Plan, work to urgently to combat climate change, to tackle the housing crisis, and to strive for more open governance at Millmead."