Zöe's Blog: Join in with National Volunteers Week

June 4, 2018 8:54 PM
By Zöe Franklin
National Volunteers Week Logo (The National Council for Voluntary Organisations - https://volunteersweek.org/)
Did you know that it's National Volunteers Week 1st - 7th June?
Volunteers are the unsung heroes of our society. The voluntary sector has always been really important - they help maintain the country's historic buildings, coach amateur sport, teach people new skills, run school fairs, staff charity shops plus everything in between and so much more!
With funding cuts affecting every corner of society volunteers in 2018 are even more important and in many areas we are now reliant on volunteers to run services that just a few years ago we took for granted. This is deeply concerning on many levels, but I'll save that for another blog.
Today I want to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the volunteers across Guildford and Cranleigh, and beyond. It's people like you who make our area such a wonderful place to live and work so I'm really happy to take this week to say thank you properly.
If you've never volunteered before then there's never been a better week to start. When it comes to volunteering there really is something for everyone. So please spend a few minutes on Google now finding out what opportunities there are locally and start a new chapter by getting stuck in. You can also get in contact with Voluntary Action South West Surrey who can tell you about a whole host of volunteering opportunities - https://voluntaryactionsws.org.uk/
Don't delay - give volunteering a try today.
PS. To find out more about National Volunteers' Week go to www.volunteersweek.org