• People standing at cafe counter
    Article: Oct 26, 2021

    Small and medium-sized businesses, from tech start-ups to hairdressers and cafes, in Surrey will pay an extra £47 million a year due to the rise in national insurance, research commissioned by the Liberal Democrats has found.

    Boris Johnson broke his 2019 manifesto promise by raising employer National Insurance Contributions by 1.25%, impacting small businesses in Surrey and across the country. House of Commons Library research has detailed the impact of the tax rises, and it is estimated that the average micro-business employing up to nine people will pay more than £1,000 extra a year as a result of the tax hike.

  • Amendment 35 Env Bill Letter
    Article: Oct 26, 2021
    By Zoe Franklin

    The River Wey and other watercourses across Guildford constituency is now under more threat as Government fails to take action on water companies

    Local Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Zöe Franklin calls for Angela Richardson MP to change her position ahead of the next vote in Parliament

    The local Conservative MP for Guildford has been criticised by local campaigners after voting in favour of water companies dumping sewage in local rivers.

  • ZF City Status Letter
    Article: Oct 26, 2021
    By Zoe Franklin

    I have lived and studied in Guildford for more than 20 years and before that, I grew up in Farnham. Visits to Guildford as a child were always a treat, so as you can see, Guildford is in my blood and I am pleased and proud to support Guildford Borough Council's bid for city status for Guildford. It would, of course, be a 'third-time lucky' bid and I am hopeful that my home town will this time be granted the city status it deserves. The City of Guildford has a positive ring to it and as the county town of Surrey, with a Cathedral and a University, it makes complete sense for Guildford to be granted city status by Her Majesty to celebrate her 70 years on the throne next year.

  • Survey: Oct 25, 2021
    17 questions
  • Article: Oct 25, 2021
    By Zoe Franklin

    Last week MPs voted on the Environment Bill and as part of that, they had the chance to vote for an amendment that would have stopped private water companies from dumping raw sewage into the UK's rivers and coastlines. A 'no brainer' I hear you say; of course, MPs would vote for that.

    As with so many votes and Conservative MPs, the obvious choice was not the one they made and 265 of them voted AGAINST the amendment which means it is not included in the new Environment Bill. Put another way, they voted to allow sewage to continue to be dumped into our rivers and coastlines - Guildford and Cranleigh's Conservative MP Angela Richardson was one of them.

  • Electrical car plugged in (Michael Fousert @ unsplash.com)
    Article: Oct 14, 2021

    Surrey Lib Dems have responded to the county council's local transport plan. "It says all the right things about where Surrey needs to get to in terms of transforming travel and transport for residents and businesses but falls short in setting out the steps for getting there." See full response.

    There is still time for members of the public to submit their views on the proposals before the deadline of 24 October.

  • Cranleigh team for PR
    Article: Oct 11, 2021

    Last Thursday, 7th October, Cranleigh East residents gave the local Liberal Democrat team and Lib Dem led administration at Waverley Borough Council a resounding endorsement yesterday by voting in new borough councillor Philip Townsend with an increased majority on 2019. The by-election was caused by the retirement of Lib Dem councillor Richard Cole.

  • No Fuel
    Article: Oct 8, 2021

    The continuing fuel supply crisis has alerted the public to the problem of HGV driver shortages. What's particularly concerning is that this crisis did not come out of the blue and nor is the road haulage sector the only one struggling to fill vacancies.

    Speaking to BBC Surrey Radio on Monday this week I highlighted the fact that the worker shortage was entirely predictable, Boris Johnson's Conservative Government has been fully aware of it for many months and yet they failed to act on this, thus leaving the public to suffer their lives being thrown into turmoil yet again. (You can listen to my interview here.) However, I wanted to share in more detail about this issue as many people will not be aware of the full extent of the worker shortage problem.

  • Petition: Oct 5, 2021

    17,951 pensioners in and around Guildford are being let down.

    The Conservative Government - including Guildford's Conservative MP - have broken their election promise to protect the yearly rise in the state pension.

    The 'triple lock' on pensions - introduced by the Liberal Democrats in 2010 - meant that the state pension rose each year in line with inflation, average earnings or by 2.5% (whichever was highest). This guaranteed more money in the pockets of 17,951 pensioners across the Guildford constituency.

  • Letter to Gove re County Deal
    Article: Oct 4, 2021

    Last week a 'new' proposal was leaked to the Guildford Dragon that set out Conservative-run Surrey County Council's proposal for a new 'County Deal'. Reading the articleI was dismayed by the blatant attempt to push forward a deal that paves the way for the unitarisation of Surrey via the back door.

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