Article: Oct 1, 2020

    This year Guildford Borough Council are hosting Guildford's first Silver Sunday, which is an international event
    celebrating the older generation.

    Lib Dem Lead Member for Community Cllr Julia McShane shared her thoughts on GBC's plans for the day:

    "The Community Wellbeing team at GBC have done a fantastic job organising our first virtual event to celebrate the older generation.It's not possible to do a face-to-face event which is shame but we've been able to organise a fantastic virtual event,
    streamed on both YouTube and Facebook. Guildford Fringe will be hosting and the line-up includes West End stars
    Scott Garnham and Maria Coyne, Guildford's Rock Choir, The Bluebirds, and award-winning magician Ali Cook. So I know that it's going to be a really enjoyable event!"

  • Zöe Franklin (captioned)
    Article: Oct 1, 2020

    Liberal Democrats have warned that the Government's planning proposals will "disempower" local authorities like Guildford Borough and allow developers to "run roughshod" over local communities' wishes.

    A motion agreed at the Party's Autumn Conference, making it official party policy, lays bare the risks of the Government's proposals, which the Party argue amount to a Government "power grab" that will reduce investment in affordable housing in Guildford, Cranleigh and elsewhere.

  • Article: Oct 1, 2020

    The last local elections in Guildford returned Liberal Democrats and R4GV councillors in almost equal numbers, 17 and 15 respectively with the one Green Party councillor voting with R4GV, as part of a council where no one grouping could come close to overall control.

    The election result was a clear message from the people of the borough that they wanted a different, more collaborative style of politics at Guildford Borough Council.

  • LibDems at County Hall
    Article: Sep 30, 2020

    Following a question from the Lib Dems, Surrey County Council has confirmed that the cost of its failed bid to become a unitary authority was just under £250,000.

    In anticipation of a Government White Paper on local government devolution, the Conservatives running the County Council decided to pursue plans to become a unitary authority. This power grab would have involved abolishing the Surrey's 11 Borough and District Councils, and centralising power in one unitary authority serving 1.2 million people. However, the Surrey Tories' plans have been stopped by the Government.

  • Caroline 2
    Article: Sep 29, 2020

    After the 2019 Local Elections Guildford Borough Council was in new territory. The electorate returned a council with a delicate power balance, with
    the Liberal Democrats and R4GV being the two largest parties. A stark change from the previously Conservative run administration. This sent a message to the council, that people wanted a different, more collaborative style of politics at GBC.

  • Guildford Fire Station
    Article: Sep 29, 2020

    Liberal Democrat Councillors on Surrey County Council note and share the public concern regarding the proposed changes to night cover of firefighters.

    The Liberal Democrats voted against the Making Surrey Safer proposals and against the budget cuts to the Fire Service. Liberal Democrat Councillors will stand shoulder to shoulder with firefighters to ensure they are able to deliver services which are safe for residents and safe for them.

  • Caroline Reeves
    Article: Sep 22, 2020

    Tonight, at the meeting of Guildford Borough Council's Executive Lib Dem councillor Caroline Reeves announced her resignation as Leader of the Council. Following the meeting she explained her decision:

    "Earlier in this year I shared with residents that, as promised, I had reviewed the leadership arrangements at Guildford Borough Council and had agreed with Joss Bigmore, leader of Residents for Guildford and the Villages (R4GV) to transfer leadership to him in the Autumn. This decision, while perhaps unusual, was made with the interests of the residents of Guildford Borough at its' very heart - in the May 2019 elections the Lib Dems and R4GV won 17 and 15 seats respectively and it was clear that residents were looking for a new, more collaborative approach to running our Council. Tonight, I made good on that promise.

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