• Dene Street
    Article: Jan 15, 2018

    Council plan to sell off properties still shrouded in secrecy say Surrey Lib Dems

    On Thursday 14 December 2017 the Conservative Cabinet of Surrey County Council is expected to agree to enter into a Joint Venture with an external company to redevelop the Council's own land and buildings for housing for sale and rent.

  • Surrey signs
    Article: Jan 15, 2018

    Liberal Democrat Councillors on Surrey County Council are calling for an end to the council relying on members of the public to report missing or damaged road signs and instead are calling for a sign inspection policy to be developed and implemented.

    Cllr Hazel Watson, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council said today:

  • Angela Goodwin & Chris Botten
    Article: Jan 15, 2018

    Liberal Democrat county councillors celebrated today after Surrey County Council unanimously backed their call to increase the level of places for pupils with Special Educational Needs within Surrey. A motion, tabled by Liberal Democrat county councillors, was accepted unanimously by all council members at a meeting today at County Hall. The County Council spends a total of £237 million on SEND services for children and young people, educates 822 SEND students outside of the county, and spends nearly £27 million on travel costs for SEND students.

  • Surgeons operating in theatre.
    Article: Jan 12, 2018

    Patients are dying in hospital corridors because of NHS underfunding, a group of A&E doctors has warned in a letter to Theresa May.

    In their unprecedented warning, the doctors told the prime minister that more than 120 patients a day were being managed in corridors in some hospitals, with "some dying prematurely" because staff were so busy.

  • Article: Jan 12, 2018

    Earlier this week as the nation waited for the results of Theresa May's much-discussed cabinet reshuffled excitement grew that our very own Anne Milton MP would be promoted Secretary of State for Health. At first sight one would have thought that appointing a former nurse to the role would have been a welcome appointment. But scratch the surface and sadly we find a track record that doesn't stack up for nurses and begs some serious questions. Perhaps this explains why May backed Jeremy Hunt in spite of his own multitude of failings.

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