• Article: Sep 21, 2020

    This week we have yet another u-turn from the Conservative Government, this time on their plans to dissolve local Councils and replace them with Unitary authorities. Guildford Liberal Democrats are pleased the Conservatives have seen sense after pressure but not before wasting valuable time and money at local council level, where after years of funding cuts there is simply none going spare.

  • Scales of justice
    Article: Sep 15, 2020

    Zöe Franklin calls out local Conservative MP and her Government for failure to stand by her election commitment to EU Withdrawal Bill and instead back a bill that breaks international law

    Yesterday in the House of Commons, discussion began on what is probably the most controversial piece of legislation since the 2019 General Election - it has even managed the unusual feat of uniting ex-Prime Ministers from across the political spectrum in speaking out against it!

  • Di Keal anti-fracking (Di Keal)
    Article: Sep 13, 2020
    By Paul Ross

    The Liberal Democrat's policy on Climate Change is crystal clear. We will invest heavily in research & development, especially in carbon removal / negative emissions. Our goal is to reverse the damage that centuries of burning fossil fuels have caused. Achieving this will requires activism at all levels, from those in Westminster to local party members & activists. Fracking is a backwards step in terms of environmental sustainability. At best it's pushing the energy problem down the road, for others to deal with. At worst it's an environmental catastrophe.

  • Covid Test Tube
    Article: Sep 11, 2020

    Responding to growing concerns nationally and locally regarding coronavirus testing, Guildford & Cranleigh's Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson Zöe Franklin said:

    "The past few days I have become increasingly concerned by the numbers of local people having issues getting access to coronavirus tests. I have received contact from local residents and seen many comments on social media complaining that they are unable to get a test appointment or are being offered an appointment many miles away.

  • Zöe Franklin (captioned)
    Article: Sep 2, 2020

    Conservative County Council Network Report gears up to remove residents' say and end local democracy

    2nd September 2020

    Responding to the publication last week of the County Council Network's report on local government reorganisation, Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for Guildford and Cranleigh, Zöe Franklin said:

  • Alexander Dennis graphic
    Article: Aug 20, 2020
    By Zöe Franklin

    News today that Alexander Dennis is to consult on plans to cut 650 jobs, including 200 at their factory in Guildford, will come as a shock to the people of Guildford. The Dennis brand is hugely significant to our town both in terms of employment and also historically.

    Founded in 1895, for much of the 20th century Dennis Brothers was Guildford's main employer. Today, its factory on Slyfield Industrial Estate employs hundreds of skilled manufacturing workers and is at the forefront of the green transport revolution.

  • Article: Aug 17, 2020

    Statement from Zöe Franklin, Parliamentary Spokesperson for Guildford, and Cranleigh Lib Dems following the decision by Surrey County Council to withdraw their planning application to build a new Primary School in Cranleigh to replace the current
    C of E Junior and Infant Schools.

    After at least ten years, the Conservatives Councillors appear to have no plan "B" Cranleigh Liberal Democrats were shocked by the contents of the letter from Julie Iles, the Cabinet Member for All-Age Learning at Surrey County Council (SCC), to Mrs Leadbetter-Simms, the Headteacher of Cranleigh C of E Junior School, advising of SCC's decision not to proceed with a rebuild of Cranleigh Primary School.

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