• Tory Tip Tax
    Article: Jan 16, 2018

    The Government have stated that they wish to see an end to charges by local authorities, including Surrey County Council, for residents disposing of DIY waste. A consultation released this week by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) states that "The Government's view is that residents should be able to dispose of household DIY waste free of charge" and

  • Plans kept secret
    Article: Jan 15, 2018

    The Government has published proposals calling on local authorities, including Surrey County Council, to be more open and transparent about their purchases of commercial properties for investment purposes. The consultation, which closed on December 22nd 2017, states that local authorities need to "demonstrate more transparency and openness and to make it easier for informed observers to understand how good governance and democratic accountability have been exercised", and that "local authorities need to remember that their prime duty is to deliver statutory services for local residents". The new rules, if adopted, will be introduced in April 2018 and take effect immediately.

  • Cllr Hazel Watson outside County Hall
    Article: Jan 15, 2018

    Liberal Democrat county councillors have criticised Surrey County Council's plan to set aside income derived from property acquisitions into further property speculation rather than investing in services. According to the latest budget figures, the County Council is facing an overspend of £19 million in the current financial year but is planning to set aside £3.8m of income generated from property to invest in more property, rather than take the pressure off council services which are facing cuts of £104 million pounds this year.

  • NHS
    Article: Jan 15, 2018

    Lib Dems call for scrutiny investigation over Surrey County Council pay off to Virgin Care

    Liberal Democrat county councillors have called for a scrutiny investigation following the disclosure that Surrey County Council have paid an undisclosed sum to Virgin Care, following legal proceedings over the awarding of a health contract.

  • Dene Street
    Article: Jan 15, 2018

    Council plan to sell off properties still shrouded in secrecy say Surrey Lib Dems

    On Thursday 14 December 2017 the Conservative Cabinet of Surrey County Council is expected to agree to enter into a Joint Venture with an external company to redevelop the Council's own land and buildings for housing for sale and rent.

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